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Free weekly downloads through RealLifeDownloaded.com tie into current news stories and topics to take your students deeper into God’s Word and application to their daily life.[/text-with-icon]

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Blueprint Magazine

Blueprint is a quarterly magazine designed just for youth with graphic appeal and compelling articles—all with the goal to support each weekly Bible study and spark group discussions on contemporary.[/text-with-icon]

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Focus on Spiritual Formation

Teenagers take ownership of and deepen their faith through Bible study, Scripture memory, devotional readings throughout the week, and conversations about current events, friendships, family relationships, peer pressure and career and future goals.[/text-with-icon]

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Easy to Use and Teacher Friendly

Biblically based, easy-to-prepare lessons give teachers the confidence to know they are providing an enriching Sunday school experience.[/text-with-icon]

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Fun and Flexible

Includes everything teachers and volunteers need to create fun and engaging ways for teens to encounter the Bible and discover God’s love for them. Can be used on it’s own or come along side your youth ministry programs.[/text-with-icon]

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Teacher’s Commentary

The teacher’s commentary is filled with creative ideas and suggestions for instructing your students, and to challenge them as they learn the Bible and apply its principles to their lives.

Order one per teacher

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Blueprint is the student resource for your high school class. Featuring weekly Bible studies and articles for each Bible lesson. Includes quizzes, trivia, facts and time slices that appeal to high schoolers. Also includes “daily faith” devotionals for students to stay in God’s Word throughout the week.

Order one per student

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Free Online Resource for Teens

Real Life Downloaded (RLD) connects each week with timeless Bible truths to timely current events. RealLifeDownloaded.com offers optional materials for Steps 1 and 4 of the week’s lesson, to provide an in-depth, current event study of the lesson materials.

Download lesson samples and experience Echoes for free today!

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[testimonial_slider style=”default” star_rating_color=”accent-color”][testimonial star_rating=”none” title=”Testimonial” id=”1484169123547-0-8″ tab_id=”1484169123552-1″ name=”Pastor Marvin Mcallister” subtitle=”Mullins, South Carolina” quote=”“Since we’ve begun using Echoes literature, its teaching aids and other supplementary materials, our attendance has increased … everyone seems motivated to learn more and more about God’s Word.“”][/testimonial_slider]